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Hi all! I’m Ashton, Project Coordinator and Interior Designer for Emerald Pointe Realty & Construction located in Monroe, NC. Today, I want to discuss with you how our customized design process works and about making selection choices you’ll love. I’ve built 2 houses for myself personally and I know just how stressful the selections can get. I’ve tried to break it down as simple as possible for every new client coming in to achieve their dream home look.

First thing, before the build even beings, I like to sit down with you and go over all of your Pinterest boards, magazine cutouts, even past pictures of the homes we’ve built you may have seen on social media accounts, etc. any ideas you’ll have for the house. At this time we would all discuss what type of theme you’re going for with your home, any changes you plan to make, and any other thing you think I should know before we get started. This gives me a great sense of what you’re wanting your home to look like and the aesthetic you’re going for. This is so important to me because it’s hard to give pointers or tips once we get into the design process without knowing exactly what you’re wanting.

Right before your house breaks ground, we will meet again to go over all of your exterior options. Even though there are so many things to choose just on the exterior of your home, I like to do this first and get your ideas out from the outside going in. It’s kind of like a “first impression” to me… whatever you choose here will be important for the design flow leading into your home.

After we complete the exterior choices and the framing nears completion, we will meet again to go over the remainder of the interior choices. I think these choices are much harder than the exterior choices. There’s just so many more configurations inside than there are outside. Things I like to remind people to think about are…. Kids? Pets? How will a light wall color hold up with kids or pets? How will carpet hold up? What about your flooring? Does that need to be waterproof or just water resistant? Just in the kitchen alone, there are many different things to choose and it can get extremely overwhelming. If I had to choose a room to design for the rest of my career, it’d be the kitchen hands down. This is the most important room to many people, and is probably one of the biggest ticket items for your budget.

Personally, I truly believe having a designer is so important in new construction because there are so many different things that come into play that are hard to visualize without some help. Your gut decision will always be the correct choice. Any time I meet with someone and I give them say, 5 options, they will either immediately be drawn to one or two, or not interested in any. Which is fine! You do not have to settle for one of 5 options. That’s the beauty of new construction, especially a true custom builder like Emerald Pointe Realty & Construction. We don’t limit you to 5 floor choices, 3 cabinet choices, or anything you just don’t love!

Designers should be resources to help you get what you are imagining in your head and to help find alternatives if the thing you’re wanting are just too far out of your budget. It’s crucial picking a home builder that you like, not just because they are “less expensive” than another builder because in this industry- quality over quantity! I come to know all of my clients personally throughout each build. I enjoy meeting with every single one of them. Making sure they are happy with their selections, and connecting with them so the design process can be as fun and as less stressful as possible. Ultimately, building a house is supposed to be an exciting time, not stressful, so that’s why I’m here to help and I believe having a good designer on your side is extremely important!

If you’re thinking about building a custom home or even have questions about how the building process works give us a call! We’d love to sit down with you and talk you through the process and even show you some of our current and/or past work. Emerald Pointe Realty is not only a Custom Home Builder but we are also a Real Estate Company. We are your Premier Real Estate Company in Union County, NC with Real Estate Brokers that also specializes in surrounding areas. We can build on your lot/land or we can help you find a lot or land that fits all of your family’s needs. Call us today and let us show you how Emerald Pointe Realty & Construction can meet all of your Real Estate needs.


Ashton Harrell
New Construction Project Coordinator / Interior Designer